Producer Affidavit For Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef

Windberry Acres Inc. sold under label “Berrybrook Farm” and processed by Hudson Meats and Sausage, Hudson SD.

All animals represented by this document and sold under the Berrybrook Farm label adhere to the following protocols:

Animal Origin:

    *All animals are born in South Dakota.

Animal Husbandry:

    *Animals are pastured through the entire growing season, in a rotational grazing system, and given a free-choice certified organic mineral supplement.

    *Pastures are outfitted with a watering system and fencing ensures that no animals can enter their water source. Animals have only clean water all year round.

    *In winter all animals are fed baled grasses and forages and alfalfa silage, as well as a certified organic vitamin and mineral supplement.

    *Animals are not fed grain, grain silage, or any animal byproduct. They receive only a vegetarian diet.

    *Animals are never fed any genetically modified organisms.

    *Animals have never been administered implants, synthetic hormones, ionophores, or antibiotics (injected or fed).

    *Animals are raised using only humane handling practices.

Animal Traceability:

    *All animals have ear tags with ID numbers that are maintained in farm records.